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Uber Arsip

A. Forms 

The shape of the Logo consists of two (2) components include: 

1. The Logogram Logogram is a form of simplification of the blend of archival and historical timeline. The form of a row of archive shows not only that type of archive in the form of sheets of the document, but the arches of its line shows that the archive is also in the form of audio tapes or audio visual. In addition, these rows show the sequence of evidence of accountability that is safeguarded and preseved from year to year.   

2. Typeface ANRI This Typeface becomes a part of the logogram and all of them use capital letters in order to give the impression that ANRI is reliable and professional. The use of the Font of Futura MD BT SansSerif represents the modernity and efficiency of the high level of readability of archives. 

Each component of the letters in the logo is composed in a formation that is intertwined and mutually supportive. This describes the harmony management in the management of the archives.   

B. Color 

The color of the Logo consists of two (2) components include: 

1. Blue color gradation, representing security, peace, truth, and wisdom, with a color code as follows: 

     a. the first blue color codes are C:100, Y:0, K:0, M:20 or R:0, G:149, B:218. 

     b. the second blue color codes are C:100, M:0, Y:0, K:0, or R:0, G:175, B:239.

     c. the third blue color codes are C:40, M:0, Y:0, K:0, or R:145, G:216, B:239. 2. the old gray color is a representation of balance and protection, with color codes C:0, M:0, Y:0, K:90, or R:63, G:63, B:64.   

C. Letters 

Logotype of ANRI uses the font of Gotham Medium to give the impression of a solid and elegant. This logotype was composed  by light-Italic to give the impression of a tough yet dynamic and continue to move forward customizing the shape of logogram