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Uber Arsip


Carry out governmental duties in the archive field in accordance with the provisions and laws and regulations.


  1. Assessment and compilation of national policies in the field of archives.
  2. Coordination of functional activities in the implementation of agency tasks.
  3. Facilitation and guidance on the activities of government agencies in the field of archives.
  4. Implementation of guidance and general administrative services in the areas of general planning, administration, public relations, law, organization and management, personnel, finance, equipment and households, encryption and archives.
  5. Organizing national archival coaching.
  6. Protection, rescue, and management of national and static archives.
  7. Implementation of national archival information system and network.


  1. Preparation of macro national plans in archives.
  2. Establishment and organization of national archives to support macro development.
  3. Determination of information systems in the archive field.
  4. Other authorities inherent and have been implemented in accordance with the provisions of legislation are:

         -   Formulation and implementation of specific policies in the field of archives            

         -   Rescue and preservation of archives and use of manuscript archive sources.